Design Your Thinking by Dr Pavan Soni

Design Your Thinking

Creative problem-solving is at the heart of innovation, and some of the world’s most innovative companies are very systematic in following this approach. Most people would assume that creativity and discipline can’t coexist, and that only when resources are replete and the talent best-in-class can one be creative. But nothing could be further from the truth. In fact, creativity thrives amid constraints and calls for great discipline.

Pioneered by IDEO and Stanford, design thinking is one such approach that draws inspiration from the realm of product design. However, it shouldn’t be narrowly associated with the world of start-ups and technology or thought of as something limited to product development. The method is increasingly being used in a wider context and can help us address a vast array of problems.

This book attempts to offer a practitioner’s perspective on how the tenets, methods and discipline of design thinking can be applied across a range of domains, including to everyday problems, and help us become expert problem-solvers through the use of the appropriate toolsets, skill sets and mindsets.

Title: Design Your Thinking
Author: Dr Pavan Soni
Publisher: Penguin india
Available: Amazon

About the author

Dr. Pavan Soni is an Innovation Evangelist by profession and a teacher by passion. He is the founder of Inflexion Point, offering programs on Design Thinking, Strategic Acumen, and Consulting Skills. Apart from being an Adjunct Faculty at ISB Hyderabad and IIM Bangalore, Pavan has engaged with companies, including Reliance, Tatas, ITC, Flipkart, and Novartis, amongst others.

Pavan is a mentor for NSRCEL at IIM Bangalore, and the Founder Institute, and a columnist at HT Mint, YourStory, and People Matters. He has been invited to speak at ISRO as a part of their Distinguished Lecture Series and has delivered talks at over 120 organizations in India and abroad.

Pavan was the only Indian to be shortlisted for the prestigious ‘FT & McKinsey Bracken Bower Award for the Best Business Book of the Year 2016’. He has also been invited five times to speak at the TEDx. For his work on innovation, Pavan bagged the prestigious ‘On the Job Achiever’ Award at Lakshya in 2007 at NITIE Mumbai.

He is a Gold Medalist from MBM Engineering College Jodhpur, and did his PGDIE from NITIE Mumbai. Pavan finished his Doctoral Studies from IIM Bangalore in the domain of innovation management.

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