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Muslim Politics In India

What if a book could completely challenge your perspective on religion and social justice, and pave the way for a more just and equitable society?

‘Muslim Politics in India’ will take you in a profound exploration of the intricate relationship between religion and social justice. This transformative journey challenges preconceptions, sparking discussions on the role of faith in shaping a more just society. Authored by Hamid Dalwai, a fearless advocate for reason and justice, this book is a courageous narrative that inspires readers to question, understand, and contribute to positive change. Discover Dalwai’s compelling analysis of Muslim politics, a timeless voice of reason for our contemporary times.


How can we be resilient in the face of universal pain?

In this transformative guide, Kirti draws from her public grief over Bollywood actor Sushant Singh Rajput’s death to offer insights on rising above suffering. Blending science, spirituality, and philosophy, the book serves as a roadmap for finding inner peace amid life’s challenges. A beacon of hope, it inspires readers to embrace pain as a catalyst for personal growth. This is not just a memoir; it’s an invitation to discover the transformative power within pain. Shweta Singh Kirti’s wisdom makes “Pain: A Portal to Enlightenment” a must-read for those seeking resilience and understanding.

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Getting Dressed And Parking Cars

“Getting Dressed and Parking Cars” by Alok Kejriwal is a riveting chronicle of entrepreneurship and resilience. Kejriwal, CEO of Games2win, takes readers on a rollercoaster journey through the highs and lows of startup life, sharing real-life stories that capture the essence of creation and success.

In this must-read book, Kejriwal bares it all— from getting arrested to facing the theft of top games, and the humbling quest for a chief technology officer in San Francisco. The narrative unfolds as a celebration of spirit, a testament to the unpredictable yet rewarding path of building a business.

Teachings From The Ramayana

‘Every Indian is familiar with the Ramayana. Shantanu Gupta’s book will make every reader relate to it’—Bibek Debroy

Drawing from twenty-five stories of the Ramayana, Shantanu Gupta offers simple solutions for real-life challenges, from handling negative influences to fostering meaningful friendships. “Teachings from the Ramayana” offers a unique blend of ancient wisdom and modern applicability, providing readers with actionable insights for navigating the complexities of family life.

This interactive edition invites readers to reflect, take notes, and engage in family discussions, making it a delightful and essential read.

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