Dariya-E-Ehshas by Manisha Yadava

“Dariya-E-Ehshas” is a collection of that contains the calmness and the emotions of the poet and author Manisha Yadava.

She has impressed the readers from “Mere Khayal” itself and now in “Dariya-E-Ehshas”, the poet Manisha has stretched the circumference of her poetry which she looks in her daily life she writes and also we can tell that all poem is her experiences and her feeling She has selected her themes carefully and selected his words and phrases wisely to make her ‘poetry’ happen.

Poetry is one of my favorite genres. I have always loved reading poetry; it is because in such few words they are able to tell a complete story and if this is not magic then what else is.

It’s really a great book if you want to learn life lessons and life experience in just a few lines and few pages then go for this book. Manisha’s experience and skills of weaving few words into the small poetic essay are simply flawless and I loved reading this against and again. Few lines in this book can give you a good life-changing lesson.

If we talk about the poetic writing skills of Manisha, there is not much to talk but to experience and relish. If you try to find the lustre, you might not find in the words but in the emotions which comes out of the chosen words by the poet. She has framed each and everything very well. The content is rich with proper use of vocabulary and poetic phrases.

My favorite poem from this collection is

Ye un dinon ki baat hai mujhe ab bhi yaas hai
Haan ye un dinon ki baat hai mujhe ab bhi yaad hai.
Wo sarf raaton mein uska haule se chuna
Mera sharma kar uski baahon mein chupna
Ye un dinon ki baat hai mujhe ab bhi yaad hai.

Poems by Manisha shows human feelings and emotions in different situations. The collection is very nice. There is a true poetic sense in the words of Manisha.

Title: Dariya-E-Ehshas (दरिया-ए-एहसास)
Author: Manisha Yadava
Publisher: Leading Trails
Available: Amazon

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