Dandelion By Niharika Parmar

A dark unmoving silhouette at the corner of the room, watching his precious flower, sleep peacefully. His flower, his Dandelion. He is always watching with those predatory yet warm silver eyes, but never dares to approach- scared, that his touch might make his precious flower vanish…forever.

Anne May, a twenty-year-old orphan and hard-working college student, who is determined to make something out of her life one day. Her peaceful life turns chaotic when two strangers suddenly appear in her life. On top of that, her town is now being ambushed by vampires. Will she be able to cope with all of this or is she going to succumb to a dreadful future, that someone has so cruelly planned out for her?

Title:  Dandelion
Author: Niharika Parmar
Publisher: BFC Publications
Available: Amazon