Cyber Security: Be aware! Connect with care! by BIJENDER MISHRA

Cyber Security : Be aware! Connect with care!

In today’s dynamic environment, cybersecurity has become vital for individuals and families, as well as organizations (such as military, government, business houses, educational and financial institutions, corporations, and others) that collect and store a wide range of confidential data on computers and transmit that to other computers across different networks.

For families, protection of children and family members from cyber-crime have become substantially important.

For an individual, protecting information that could impact social life, as well as personal finance, is essential.

The internet has provided a wide array of learning opportunities, but there are risks too. Photos, videos, and other personal information shared by an individual on social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter can be inappropriately used by others may lead to serious and even life-threatening incidents. Social networking sites have become the most popular medium for sharing information and connecting with other people. But these sites have created varied opportunities for cyber crimes, compromised personal identities, and information leakage.

Being a Cybersecurity professional, I took a challenge and decided to write a book which helps to secure every individual and companies as well.  it is important for individuals to understand how to protect against cyber threats, and must also, comprehend the difference between the virtual and real world. My book will help to learn how to protect computers and personal information from being hacked and should engage inappropriate online behavior in order to eliminate changes of cyber threats and thereby creating a safer online environment.

Title: Cyber Security: Be aware! Connect with care!
Publisher: Clever Fox Publishing
Available: Amazon