Cyber Encounters: Cops’ Adventures with Online Criminals by Ashok Kumar, O.P. Manocha

As technology has evolved, so has crime. Digital technologies have brought with them a whole host of crimes committed online-unsuspecting people are cheated of crores of rupees, duped by false advertisements on fake websites, incited to click on suspicious links through payment gateways, and download apps that give remote access of their device to criminals. From credit card fraud to phishing, the list is endless.

Ashok Kumar, head of the state police & OP Manocha, ex-DRDO scientist unfold twelve nail-biting stories of true cyber-crimes unearthed from India.

Ashok Kumar & O.P. Manocha

delves deep into this nebulous cyberspace, to bring twelve fascinating accounts of cybercrime. Understand the psychology of the victims and the tactics and modus operandi adopted by the criminals.

·         Ajay had no idea that falling in love at the age of sixty-five might cost him Rs 97 lakh!

·         It’s no longer exciting to watch porn—Lucky ended up playing the actor in the movie and become a victim of sextortion!

·         Pretending to be the director general of police, Mohsin landed in jail.

·         Sunil’s desire to double his money in seven days ended up helping the police uncover a 400-crore Ponzi fraud.

Ashok Kumar, DGP, Uttarakhand Police and a veteran in the systematic fight against cybercrime in the state, and OP Manocha, an ex-DRDO scientist, unfold a specific type of cybercrime in each tale, based on a true story. Packed with information on the crime, its investigation and the apprehending of the criminals, this illuminating insider account is must-read.

Ashok Kumar & O.P. Manocha

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