Cricket Till I Die by Upneet Grover

Truly apart from the monotonous and insipid books you get to read these days, ‘Cricket Till I Die!’ is an exceptional read. It’s about Vineet, who, like many of us, carries an unfulfilled dream in his heart, and yet, unlike the most of us, makes an attempt to fulfill it. The passion, nerve, and valor Vineet has will have you thinking for a long time and will definitely instill hope in your heart.
—Ankita Chadha
There is a fine line between fiction and fantasy and you’ve (writer) maintained the distance. A sad yet a perfect ending to Vineet’s story which was a perfect mix of passion, romance, dedication, commitment and performance!
—By Purnima M
The journey of a futile effort at balancing dreams and practicality, this book is for anyone who is still stuck in the dilemma between pursuing dreams or living on under the apprehension of being rejected in the pursuit.
—Sushant Bahadur

Title: Cricket Till I Die!
Author: Upneet Grover
Publisher: Cedar Books
ISBN-13: 978-8122311747
Paperback: 191 pages
Price: Rs 143/-
Genre: Fiction
Language: English
Publication Year: 2011
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