Create Your Own Sunshine by Sheetal M Niwangune

Create Your Own Sunshine is for people of all ages who are struggling to live a happy life. In this book, I have discussed both about my experience and how they changed me with a focus how the same experience can help one understand to stand up against all odds.

This book shows how to learn to love the self and we should not lose hope in any condition. Never compare your life with those of others. I would stress on the advice that we should not give up hope. This is the most important to keep you going. If you have hope, you will have faith in yourself, in god, and in everything positive. You will believe that if you do hard labour, it will result into positive thing. I would call out particularly young people, women and housewives as they face issues in career and life that they may think are hardest and cannot overcome. But the fact is that if you keep up hope, you can overcome any kind of difficulties.

The beautiful thing is that everyone is born unique and I am damn sure that everyone is born with unique qualities. Hence we must nurture our own qualities and should never compare ourselves with others. Generally we tend to fall prey to such lame comparisons in the society. By this type of comparisons, we actually tend to place the financial gain ahead of the real qualities. Typically, we forget that this is a never-ending game and we can never be content by this.

Everyone may have shortcoming, may commit mistakes, may face challenges and failures. But this is how life is all about. Everyone faces such challenges. But those who stand up win the race. Life in short is all about moving ahead, with positive attitude and hard labour.

Title: Create Your Own Sunshine
Author: Sheetal M Niwangune
Publisher: Leaf Press
Available: Amazon

About the Author

Sheetal M Niwangune is a writer with original ideas. She picks up an inspirational story and then switches to the incidents from our real life advising us what we can learn and how to lead a happy life. Her aim in this book is to make the readers realize that we do exist and we must celebrate this fact. This will make us realize worthy of our very existence.

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