Corporate Armageddon by Gauri Shanbhag Wagle

Corporate Armageddon

Corporate Armageddon catapults the entire hierarchy of Corporate professionals out of their indifference to the misuse of Power!

Corporate Armageddon is a novel written by Mrs Gauri Shanbhag Wagle. This novel gives an insight into the dark side of the glamorous Corporate world while showing youngsters how to sustain themselves in the corporate world, without treading the path of Deceit.

This New Adult fiction book is for adults in the age group of 18 years to 70 years. Yes, those who are on the higher side of Age have a lot to learn from this book.

This breath-taking novel describes the arduous journey of a young woman named ‘SWARALI MEHTA’, in her first organization. The story peppered with conflict, carries the undercurrent of the clash between innocent Talent and envious malevolence. This novel throws light on the detrimental effects of ‘DIRTY POLITICS’ and ‘EMPLOYEE  EXPLOITATION’ which have a negative impact on the working environment of any organization.

One would recoil in horror on reading the host of ploys which are aimed at exploiting SWARALI. She is caught between Tyranny and the grave Uncertainty about her future. SWARALI alone musters up the courage to wage an individual war on the perpetrators of injustice. Can a single young employee like Swarali win this Armageddon against a vast corporation?

Synopsis of Corporate Armageddon

Many of us harbor the ambition of becoming successful Corporate professionals and visualize ourselves gradually climbing the higher rungs of the Corporate ladder. SWARALI MEHTA is no different. She is the cream of the crop of Engineering students and her rare feat of securing the second rank in her final year throughout the university, provides testimony to her potential. She lands the job of a software developer in one of the top ten IT companies in the world, through her college campus placements.

SWARALI imagines herself being showered with awards and consistently earning the coveted title of ‘Best software developer’ in her company PROTONWARE, although she has plans to quit this company after a certain period to pursue an MBA program .  However, the reality is in stark contrast with whatever she has imagined for herself  because of her boss NIKITA BANGERA who carries out heinous actions to ruin SWARALI’s image.

During SWARALI’s joining formalities in her first company, she is asked to sign a Bond of two years and a tricky condition is imposed on her candidature. SWARALI accepts the Terms, Conditions of the bond along with this tricky condition imposed on her since the new inexperienced joiners who have joined few days prior to her, too have accepted to adhere to this tricky condition. What is this tricky condition? Well, you would have to read the novel if you want to know. 

SWARALI begins her tenure in the company, during which she delivers an excellent performance in every quarter, surpassing everyone’s expectations. She independently develops a software solution and receives accolades from the CEO Mr. DEVANG SHAH. This triggers envy in her boss NIKITA as well as few colleagues and from then onward Life is no longer a bed of roses for SWARALI. You would recoil in horror, after reading about NIKITA’s various ploys which aim to exploit SWARALI.

This breath-taking novel describes SWARALI’s arduous journey in her very first organization. This novel is interspersed with a series of unexpected events and incidents which will give you goose bumps. However, SWARALI is not alone in her war against Injustice and ‘Dirty Politics’. Her spirit to fight against the perpetrators of crime is boosted by few characters who are integral to the story. The magical romance between SWARALI and her fiancé ROHAN will sweep you off your feet. The passion in their love for each other will  ignite  your romantic side.

Does SWARALI win the ARMAGEDDON or war against certain unscrupulous Corporate (so-called) professionals? If yes, then how? NIKITA pushes SWARALI in unfavorable circumstances. What are these circumstances? How does SWARALI  emerge out of these unfavorable circumstances? Who lends her a helping hand to come out of these circumstances? What horrifying obstacles come in SWARALI’s way? As the drama unfolds, you will find answers to the above questions with some unexpected scenes laced with suspense.

This novel is not based on any real-life story or incident. All characters are fictitious and do not bear resemblance to any real-life person. However, the novel gives an insight into the dark side of the Corporate world which is full of glamour because of the perks, salaries, incentives, scope of work, professional growth and above all the status that it attaches to a person. After reading this novel, you will realize what are the factors that contribute to the dark side of the Corporate world, which few unfortunate working professionals like SWARALI MEHTA get to experience. This novel throws light on the detrimental effects of ‘DIRTY POLITICS’ and ‘EMPLOYEE EXPLOITATION’ which have a negative impact on the working environment of any organization

‘CORPORATE ARMAGEDDON’ is a saga of courage and determination for all youngsters who want to sustain themselves in the corporate world. If the message given by this novel is comprehended by the entire hierarchy of Corporate professionals, the Corporate world would be a ‘Shangri La’ for employees as well as the Employer.

The details of the book

Title : Press release for Corporate Armageddon
Author Name: Mrs Gauri Shanbhag Wagle
Available: Amazon

About the author

Gauri Shanbhag Wagle is an HR professional with around 8 years of experience and remotely works from Singapore, for an educational institution in Mumbai called THE LEARNERS HUB, in the capacity of Corporate Communications manager and HR. She has vast experience in Recruitment as well as in facilitating Training and developmental activities for employees.

She also write blogs giving detailed information about different career options or professions available to students and graduates, on her author website She writes these career related articles based on her experience in Recruitment for different domains and different industries.

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