Celebrating International Mother’s Day

I’m a Climate Optimist

This International Mother’s Day, Let’s Pledge To Learn The Art Of Making Our Mother Earth More Liveable And Sustainable

I’m a Climate Optimist’ is set to release on the upcoming World Environment Day

Celebrating International Mother’s Day and making it special for them with gifts and unique experiences is always a great idea. But what about our Mother Earth? She has given us a home, all her natural resources, her scenic beauty, her five natural elements, and an entire ecosystem that helps us survive and live.

However, we have over exploited our resources and taken advantage of all that was provided to us. And now we are facing the adverse consequences of it – the biggest challenge being the climate change. Whenever it pops up as a topic in a conversation, someone ends the conversation with ‘What can I do about it?’

I’m a Climate Optimist by Aakash Ranison is the answer to those all, what can I dos. Covering all the aspects of day-to-day life like food, textile, transportation, tourism, beauty, home, education, business, etc along with Industry specific expert comments.

Climate change is mostly talked about in a very technical language and is full of jargon like “Climate Emergency, Carbon Neutral, Carbon Positive, Net-Zero, Below 2°C” which is one of the biggest issues that the majority of people don’t understand the problem. This book focuses on simplifying climate change and sustainability so that everyone can understand and take action toward achieving the Sustainable Development Goals of the United Nations.

If we learn to make conscious decisions regarding our consumption habits, we surely can get closer to achieving the target agreed upon in the landmark Paris agreement.

This Mother’s Day, let’s pledge to learn the art of making our Mother Earth more liveable and sustainable.

The publication of I’m a Climate Optimist by Aakash Ranison was announced on World Earth Day, April 22nd and it is currently on pre-order on major e-commerce platforms. It will be available across the country on World Environment Day, 5th June.

About the author

Aakash Ranison has been listed under Forbes’ India’s Top 100 Digital Star 2022, Awarded Climate Warrior Of The Year 2022 & 2023. (Editor Choice) by Cosmopolitan Magazine. On the road for eight years, Aakash lives a nomadic & minimalist life and spends his time travelling the length and breadth of India by walking, cycling, and hitchhiking with his trusty backpack and camera, spreading his message of love, kindness, and sustainability.

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