Caveman’s Secret Sauce: Finding Answers to the World’s Oldest Questions by Nimish Dayalu

Finding Answers to the World’s Oldest Questions with Nimish Dayalu in Caveman’s Secret Sauce

One evening, a strange man called Adi, who does mysterious things, makes his way into Jeet’s cave. The two develop a friendship that will help Jeet unravel the secrets of the wild. In his pursuit to grow, Jeet travels to a mountain village that has been untouched by time and then up a sacred mountain, meeting some fascinating characters along his journey. On this quest from the surreal to the supernatural, Jeet untangles some of the most complex mysteries of the world, which often kept him awake at night in the city.

Nimish Dayalu, ex-Moody’s, global head of people development, is passionate about bringing a positive change in people’s lives. A certified yoga teacher on a path of mind training, he has yoga in his DNA-his direct lineage is from the world-famous Iyengar yoga family. Nimish is the co-founder and CEO of Zoga Wellness, a high-tech mobile application designed to help users learn and practise ancient Indian yoga and meditation.

Intriguing, adventurous and containing the pearls of forgotten ancient Indian myths and legends, Caveman’s Secret Sauce has the right ingredients that are missing in society today.

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