Book Review on Satish Shitut’s ‘Effective R.U.L.E: A Life Changing Process’ by Dr Anmol

Effective R.U.L.E: A Life Changing Process is a wonderful book by Satish Shitut. It deals with the mind boggling subject-matters on the current state of affairs around us. It will not be an exaggeration if the book is called a multihued rainbow, a plethora in allocation of diverse themes. The book is written for a specific purpose of self-discovery in public domain. It is divided into three major parts. The book has scores of tremendous quotations like shining jewels which magnified its beauty and eruditions. The first part of the book, The Thought Process – Things that Matter Around Us’ is further divided into subparts; ‘Survival, Co-existence and Beyond’, ‘Society in Reality’, ‘Lockdown Telecast of Ramayana, My Take’, ‘Media’ (A Big Influence in Modern Times), ‘Values of the Indian Family Support System’, ‘Past-Present-Future-How We Live’, ‘Keep the Child in You Kicking and Alive “New Normal”, and ‘Fear of Change, A Real Threat to the Society’. The vibrant portrayal of such premises and realities acknowledges the artistic or athletic excellence as well as circumspection of the author.

The second part of the book, ‘Circumstances’ is also further divided into subparts; ‘We are Products of Environment- Facts, Myths and Reality’, ‘Circumstances- Your Choice- Act or be Acted Upon’, ‘Pareto’s Principle of 80:20 Management Tool of Your Life’, Be a Responsible Agent and Work for a Better Tomorrow’ Frame our Own Constitution, God his Human- Computer and the Viruses, and Be a Programmer of Your own Life Program. The second part of the book persuades all readers on the path of self discovery and self introspection so that a new insight could be achieved for the attainment of Nirmana. Shitut tries to bring the mottled knowledge, a trope to shade special impact on the readers in attainment of new comprehensiveness and values to life.

The Third part of the book, ‘Lead an Effective and Balance Life- Roadmap’ has sparse explanations on the R.U.L.E of salvation and on the possibilities to the world of happiness. The book is undeniably a treaty in happiness and contentment. It takes its readers to the next level of deliberations and operates life appositely. The sub-part is divided further into – ‘Golden R.U.L.E of an Effective & Balanced Life’, ‘ Virtues are By-products of R.U.L.E Principle and Vices Best Kept Away’, ‘Respect- Do We Practise Inside-out’, ‘Self-Righteousness Verses Self Respect’, ‘ To Understand a Seeker’s Process’, ‘ Love- An Enjoyable Journey of Seeker to Become a Spreader’, ‘ True Love Brings Out the Best in You to be Creative Win Hearts & Evolve’, ‘ Golden R.U.L.E of Happiness Through Parenting’, ‘Evolve- Make it Happens’, ‘ Emotions Temptations and Thoughts are Our Personal Baggage’, ‘ The Process’, and ‘ Live Life Golf Like Some Similarities Spiritually’.

Part – I: The Thought Process – Things That Matter Around Us

In the subpart – ‘Survival, Co-existence and Beyond’ the author explains how the tiny virus has imposed the Wealth and Economic Global Emergency under which Medical Support, Financial Resources, Business Closures and Un-employment have become challenges in our convalescence. Our recuperation and recovery will be determined by the external and internal Environmental Factors. The author suggests that for speedy resurgence we will have to depend on the Spiritual Thinking and on the philosophy of Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam (the world is one family) to reach to “New Normal”.

In the subpart- ‘Society in Reality’ the author explains the social stratification that consists three major assemblages; ordinary people, tolerant and reasonable and the compassionate and righteous. The author suggests that the growth and development of a society is only possible if all the groups work in harmony and co-operation to each other. This togetherness will help in achieving materialism and then Humanism and finally the spiritualism. In the next subpart, ‘Lockdown Telecast of Ramayana, My Take’ the author claims that the telecast of The Ramayana T.V serial is a well planned strategy of the government to retain the peoples at homes during lockdown. The subpart also illustrates the symbolical interpretations of the characters of Ramayana.

In the sub-part ‘Media (A Big Influence in Modern Time)’, the author expresses how the domain of media has burst with new advancements and technologies but since the role and character of the media has also been become debatable. The author explains how the media industry has been become puppets in the hands of industry moguls, politicians or miscreants or power brokers or international players. Fake News, Paid News, Planted News, Rumours Mongers and Limelight Seekers are playing with society. Ethics of Media are compromised and are at odds. In the next subpart, ‘The Values of the Indian Family Support System’ the author tries to explain the exquisiteness of the collectivist culture of Indian family which is embodied with love, affection, collective wisdom and support.

‘Past-Present-Future-How We Live’ – the sub part interprets that we travel in infinite time where we brazen out array of occurrences. The author advocates that we must equip ourselves with positivity to tackle adverse situation in future. The author beautifully exhibits the time-travel by giving some example from Hindi lyrics. ‘Keep the Child in You Kicking and Alive “New Normal” – the section interprets ‘Pleasure Principle’ and the concept of ‘The Great Mother’ in miniature. The construction of childhood, the imaginative world of children, their advancement and regression are the key points of this sub-part. The author suggests that we should stay cheerful and affirmative like a child stays even in adverse situations.

In the sub-part, ‘Fear of Change, A Real Threat to the Society’ the author explains that change is the basic law of nature. The author explains that there are various notions of threats. There is immediate need of change in Transaction Oriental Society to Relationship Based Society. The author advocates that Covid 19 has taught us that we all have compulsive fear of death under which we opt to new situation instantly. Each new-fangled situation is an opportunity to become skilled at something new.

Part-II: Circumstances

In this subpart-We are Products of Environment- Facts, Myths and Reality’- the author traces the impacts of Facts, Myths, and Reality on human psyche and how these ingredients play on the make of his persona.

“Be proactive, take the initiative and become a product of your own choice and not a victim of circumstances”

Shitut suggests that we should have complete comprehension of our circumstances before we act upon them. He also unveils the fact that man is not the ultimate product of circumstances alone but more of his own efforts as he finds enough time in the internals of change to deal with his circumstances adequately for a change hence it is always man’s prerogative either to be acted upon or act and thus to be ruled or rule. In the subpart- ‘Pareto’s Principle of 80:20 Management Tool of Your Life’ – Shitut propagates the unique concept of Pareto for the better understanding of the readers. Shitut clearly mentions the fact that Self-development includes Mental, Physical, Financial, and Spiritual Zones which have their certain fractal shares in use to get the better result in the process of Self-development.

“You cannot escape responsibility for tomorrow by evading it today” -Abraham Lincoln

The sub-part, ‘Be a Responsible Agent and Work for a Better Tomorrow’ deals with the fact that we must chose our actions wisely because they resulted in consequences; consequences in experiences and experiences in wisdom. Hence our wisdom is the result of our actions after all we are the result possessor. ‘Be a responsible Agent and Work for a Better Tomorrow’ here in the author advocates to develop to a gross personality. A responsible citizen is one who is awarded of the facts and consequences of his Karmas. Fatalities like Covid-19 could be better dealt if every citizen of a country develops that understanding in his acts. Shitut puts the actuality under deliberation to the readers that sufferings can’t be skipped but they could be easily alleviated to the minimal.

The most interesting part of the book is the sub-part, ‘Frame Your Own Constitution’ where Shitut insists to develop or frame a constitution of own to restore the ‘Lost Values’. He also brings the fact to his readers that uneducated and unemployed people have been made escape-goats by the pseudo- politicians, liberals and intellectuals for their petty gains. Shitut finds it significant to frame a constitution of own; the constitution which could take body, mind, spirit and soul as one and R.U.L.Es could be the guiding principles like DPs to escalate with nature and cosmic energy. This constitution of own could help us in living a wonderful and tranquil life.

“Ask not what your country can do for you- Ask what you can do for your country” -John F Kennedy

‘God His Human, Computers and the Viruses’ – the sub-part has wonderful simile between human beings and computers. As human beings are endowed with consciousness alike computers are equipped with Operating System to run on. God has made each of us a programmer of our own computers. So it becomes our sole responsibility to protect and be safeguard of the program we inculcate within. Human beings have indistinguishable functioning system as of computers our cells of body are like hardware, organs are like other electric parts which help in its function. ‘Be a Good Human Being is the ultimate ‘Life Program’ which could safeguard the system against crash and help in achieving the pre-requisite results. ‘Be a Programmer of Your Own Life’ suggest a Conic Diagram of Spiral Growth which has been propagated by Shitut to attain the perfection and smoothness in our operating of the inner technology. This concept of Spiral Growth includes various attainment levels.

“Be good human beings, a warm hearted, affectionate person. That is my fundamental belief” – Dalai Lama

PART – III: The Golden Rule

The sub-part, ‘Golden R.U.L.E of an Effective & Balanced Life’ well claims that life being a divine work in progress needs a special observe as it embraces body, mind, soul and spirit together. The author asserts that life is like a golden goose that can lay golden eggs. If we synchronize these spheres of body, mind, soul and spirit; we could live a harmonious and ecstatic life. Shitut propagates the concepts of 5W &1H, SWOT, and WIIIFM to distinguish between the essential and non-essential in life. Shitut also emphasises on the cultivation of empathetic attitude. The next sub-part, ‘Virtues are By-products of R.U.L.E Principle and Vices Best Kept Away’ underpins the facts that one should keep a good company to have good results. R.U.L.Es are the master keys to happiness and backbone of a contented life. Shitut sets a comparison between Vices and Virtues so that one could get a better perspective.

In ‘Self-Righteousness Verses Self Respect’ Shitut persists on that one who wants a respectful life, he accumulates virtues to boost his esteem and respect and becomes a worthy person.

“Without feelings of respect, what is there to distinguish between me men and beats” – Confucius

Shitut advocates that there is thin layer between the Self-respect and Self-righteousness as Self-righteousness breeds ego, arrogance, and falsehood. Further he adds on that all human beings need have Common Basic Need to be understood. A seeker must seek the ‘Higher Reality’ or ‘The Ultimate Truth’ by strolling on the right path with right stance. In the subsequent sub-part- Love- An Enjoyable Journey of Seeker to Become a Spreader ‘Shitut again follows up the fact that true seekers are those who constantly share the values and secrets of accomplishments. Shitut puts the example of Sachin Tendulkar, Roger Federer, Dr Abdul Kalam, Ratan Tata, N. R. Narayana Murthy, Lata Mageshkar and many. On the other hand there are ‘Spreaders’ who were in different role to humanity. They worked for the augmentation and wellness of all. The best examples are Baba Amte, Florence Nightingale. Swami Vivekananda and many more who were the torch-bearers of love and compassion.

Shitut rolls the wheel of reality, facts and perceptions from one sub-part to another in the hope to put the entire wisdom in one stroke in his readers. The sub-part, ‘True Love Brings Out the Best in You to be Creative Win Hearts & Evolve’ is another stage for the expression of same ideas. He exhibits that love is one of the foremost effective tools to arise high in all walks of life. Shitut explains in the consequent section, ‘Golden R.U.L.E of Happiness Through Parenting’, that loving other means yielding relationships. Each relationship flourishes on when the trio- respect, understand, and love work in tandem and cohesion. Shitut insists on the fact that change is the basic principle of the perpetual journey of life. We all change ourselves today for the better tomorrow. We go under certain perils and pitfalls during the transformation but if the mind, body, and soul are well orchestrated we become victorious.

Shitut evolves in the fact that changing ourselves is difficult to all of us. We always procrastinate the change. We always want to remain in status quo but Shitut suggests us to let the change happens. He sets the example of Rishi Valmiki who was once a dacoit but later became symbol of devotion and sacrifice. In the sub-part, ‘Emotions Temptations and Thoughts are Our Personal Baggage’ Shitut explains how all human beings carry emotional and intellectual baggage with. Our lives are subject to decay and death; we always remain in constant struggle with pain and sufferings hence it becomes necessary to minimize the sufferings and maximize the happiness. Shitut explains the process that is very simple- we sow a thought, reap an action, sow an action, reap a habit, sow a habit, reap a character, sow a character, and reap a destiny. We must develop a healthy work culture philosophy for happiness and development. In the last sub-part, ‘Live Life Golf Like Some Similarities Spiritually’- Shitut explains how we can reach the ultimate goal of life; R.U.L.E could help in developing a great understanding for how to synchronize our minds with bodies and bodies with souls.

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