Book Review on Robin Sharma’s Who Will Cry When You Die by Prof. Tanaya Patil

Robin Sharma

I had read books on Emotional Intelligence, Marketing and Human Resources. This book is written on a General theme to be happy and be a controller of your life. So, I expect, readers will definitely like the book. The title is written very smartly and highlights the areas of self Development. We know that a title should attract the reader’s attention; this book is successful in doing so.

Total number of pages are 220, with 101 short chapters (each is written within limit of two-three pages), found to be keeping the interest of the reader and when we reach till end, we find it more interesting.

The examples given in this book are based on author’s life and gives an indirect message to the readers to get inspires from. Somewhere the author has used quotes of other authors and this has resulted into distraction. A disconnect while reading leads to loss in number of readers. A reader reads a book to get a full book reading experience .The pleasure of reading a great book enhances ones learning and knowledge. After reading the maximum pages, we understand the crux of the book. The quality of book is also good enough and would strongly recommend the readers to read this book.

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The book is able to catch hold of your attention as you read till midway. The author is successful in keeping the readers busy till half. Once we finish reading the half portion, we can’t leave the book in middle.

The author, Robin Sharma has inspired and insisted us to schedule things and to keep a track of the schedule. He has told us to plan and schedule time, to love our beloved ones, friends, family, to enjoy nature, to do what we love to do, to spend time alone, and to read more and everything. The main highlights in the book are scheduling things, passion towards working, thinking about your -self, discipline and its importance in one’s life.

The last chapter is very important to read as, the author has tried to explain the need and importance of having affection and interest towards workplace. This is chapter 99, where he has focused on “Love Your Work”. The reader is able to understand the connectivity and link between all the previous chapters and relate it till the end. This guide us to love whatever we do and wherever we work. Give your best shot .The work on behalf of others also gives a different pleasure altogether after completion. The passion towards completion of any assigned task or assignment leads to satisfaction at work place. The person who completes his or her work at workplace, hardly have any stress behind.

This book has got a huge influence in our life, in changing our lifestyle. The important lesson is given at the end that time is precious and no one should waste time. One should use the time very efficiently. We must make best use of it. The message shared by the author through this book is life is very precious, live to the fullest. Always spend your time on the activities which makes you happy and make others involved. The ultimate truth of a happy life is making everyone around you happy by your deeds and prioritising things .Somewhere while reading we also experience a feeling that we have wasted time sitting ideal and chatting, watching TV, Social media postings etc.

To bring the best of you, this book helps to realise the reason behind learning, working and spending. It helps you to learn the skill of enjoying whatever we do .be passionate and Realistic, Goal oriented and give utmost importance to “TIME”.

Hence, the book teaches us to be happy in whatever conditions we are in, whatever we are doing, live to the fullest, to be happy always and do not care about future. He says nobody is going to cry and everything will remain here. Only your good deeds and happiness is your achievement and the end Result.

Title: Who Will Cry When You Die
Author: Robin Sharma
Publisher: Jaico Publishing House
Available: Amazon

About the author

Introducing the author of the renowned book “Who Will Cry When You Die”, Mr.Robin Sharma, is famous and leading public speaker. He was working as Lawyer but not practicing currently. He has motivated all other inspiring writers to be a leader in one’s life. The book is written in a very simple language, easy to read and understand.

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