Book Review on Navi Sathya’s Apocalypse in 2050

Apocalypse in 2050 is a science fiction book, which takes place in the year 2050 which is almost a total of three decades from now while the current year is 2021. The book takes its readers to a whole new world of technology. The book is fuelled by the thrills of future and is filled with a variety of characters where the building of the characters, the plots and their twists put you to thinking more about the story. This book has the quality to keep the readers stay tuned as there is no loose end in the story which makes it a blissful reading.

With every turning page, you read the future at its peak during the hurricane nights. In the upcoming years, the technology is going to shoot up and the book talks about this in a very easy language.

The story starts with an introduction of a set of characters and picks up the pace pretty soon. The story shows how the year 2050 is different from what they are now in 2021. Different characters in the book invite different set of problems and they are somehow interconnected to each other.

The book is a captivating mystery tale written from the perspective of two main characters in the SciFi world. The author brings you into the lives of two teenagers who have all witnessed the advanced future world. Each of these kids is amused solving the mystery of a new thing each day.

Secrets are hard to live with and get over, but this book shows how the whole world had been taken up by the robots and machines. The surprising twists and very sincere characters give you a look into how fast life can change because of one person and what secrets can do to people.

The role played by Shakthi & Vahin were most lovable whereas the role of Rochan was explicit enough. It’s more like a strong ride which one can experience while reading this book. The book holds suspense, twists and turns, beautiful essence of nature even in 2050. The book also brews a doubtful instinct regarding the secrets which are revealed slowly in an interesting way.

The book is divided into 74 small chapters but once you get the hang of the book it’s irresistible. The chapters 33 to 74 offer exciting narrative. Several questions about science, technology and the future are answered in a smooth way.

It’s a book about thrill, mystery and suspense. The most interesting part is where the case witnesses attempts of being solved with different proofs and testimonies. The modern and advanced equipment, the mention of advanced equipment in the book makes it a marvellous read. The robots, flying cars, adrenaline and terms which add up to the betterment of the year count being far away from the current year are all very much relevant.

Apocalypse 2050 is about people of future.  There are robots, rockets, car chases and space wars. The stakes are small (a job, a marriage, an eating disorder), the action is quiet. It is devastating, joyous, hopeful and sad, all on a purely human level. It takes the essential question of all science fiction (what if …) and extends it no further than a single piece of technology: What if it was all true and become the reality of the future.

About the author

The author Navi Sathya was born and brought up in Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India. She has completed her post-graduation in business administration and is an engineer by profession. She has a great passion towards astronomy and more about the recent events. She loves traveling to different countries and know about the culture of the people.

About the reviewer

Richa Jodhwani is a reader and writer at the same time. Richa is also a provider of book reviews/ book promotions / PR and has partnered with quite a good number of authors in the recent months.

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