Book Review on I Had Also Loved Someone: When Love transforms into Gang-Rape

I  Had  Also  Loved  Someone is  a  tragic  love  story  of  a gang-rape  victim  covered  in  bloodbath.  Even  though  the heart-rending   pain   after   being   the   victim   of   such   a heinous  crime  can  never  be  even  assessed  but  its’  the beauty of story which has compelled us to feel the agony.Even though a lot has been written in the crime genre but the book still holds its credibility as the writer has penned down   the  theme  of  mutual  gang-rape  which   has   the potential   to   keep   the   readers   hooked   up   from   the beginning  itself.  If  the  writer  has  enthralled  us  through cute  one-liners  during  the  romance  of  the  protagonist  he has  left  a  rageof  revenge  in  the  latter  half.  The  book  has submerged  us  into  an  ocean  of  lovely  emotions  and  the devilish thought-process of serial killings at the same time.The  writing  style  has  been  very  classy  with  the  use  of foreign  words  considering  the  education background  of the  protagonist.  The  flow  of  the  story  has  been  lucid  in nature.  The  tenacity  of  the  protagonist  not  to  let  her  love to  be  labelled  as  Judas  Kiss  till  the  end  has  been  depicted very well sketched.

About The Novel

The   story   revolves   around   twoprominent   characters Niharika  Ahuja  and  Jasmine  Backefield  who  are  not  only best friends but are advertised as “Deadly Duo” as time flew.  Like  every  other  girls  Niharika  fall  in  love  with  a  guy but  her  decision  to  present  her virginity  as  a  birthday  gift turns  into  a  mutual  gang-rape.  Her  coming  over  this trauma and punishing those salacious scoundrels takes us into a merciless brutal chain of murders.

Plotting of Story

Starting with the tenacity of joining a B-School by Niharika, it very beautifully describes the thought-process of a teen while  falling  in  love  for  the  first  time.  The  use  of  various one-liners while she is in love gives us a different sense of ecstasy. While in the second part after returning from the asylum various questions raised by her on the authenticity of the piousness of this so-called love forces us to think on a  deeper  note.  The  twists  and  turns  through  the  whole story makes it unpredictable till the end.

What Makes It Must Read?

The  amalgamation  of  romance  along with  the  portrayal of the disastrousness of such a heinous crime like gang-rape without  losing  the  entertainment  quotient  makes  it  a Must Read.

Title: I Had Also Loved Someone
Author : Nitish Raj
Publisher: Become shakeaspeare
Available: Amazon