Book Review on Gail F. Goodman’s ‘Engagement Marketing’ by Dr. Tanaya Patil

The book on Engagement Marketing is a beautiful piece of advice for small business owners on how to increase the sales and grow the business. The book targets the current scenario and mentioning all minute details of doing marketing and engaging the target audience that too digitally.

The book aims at connecting the different possibilities of needs and wants of a customer and understanding them in detail. The content is presented smartly and starts with generating interest in social media platform and how they generate huge profits. It clearly solves the doubts like how Facebook can benefit in growing businesses.

Social media has gained momentum and people began experimenting various techniques like sharing stories ,liking pages and videos ,challenges .It provides opportunities to the budding entrepreneurs for connecting with famous personalities ,business owners ,healthy discussions and investigations for how social media could impact the most .The headings used in chapters are truly magical and the language catches the attention of the readers due to its simplicity .The readers are attracted and forced to read the whole content due to the interest developed by the author.

The first chapter focuses mainly on the three steps that leads to success and they are Experience, Entice and Engage. The skill of developing a normal experience to a Wow Experience !!!! , then entice to stay in touch and then leading to engage which further means to be in constant contact .The author has dramatically and very beautifully presented these three steps .

Chapter 2 reveals three R s for creating Wow experience Rave Reviews, Repeat Business and Referrals which clearly shows that people will talk about all kind of experiences may it be Good or Bad. The author narrated various examples and cases where friends with bad or horrible experiences, report it to their families on various platforms like Facebook or Twitter. The key to grow any business is to deliver a great customer experience. Empowering the employees to deliver the Wow Experience, is most important thing to consider .Employees need to have constant contact and should be approachable and knowledgeable enough to handle customers queries .

Chapter 3 highlights on enticing to stay in touch, to stay connected. These connections help in repeat sales and positioning the brand in minds of the customers. Even if people delete or ignore our events, still the name sticks around.

“Out of sight -out of mind” is the mantra in this chapter. Know what you want states that knowing our destinations we expect and where our customers are and the type of business we have. The chapters helps one to understand on how closing the permission loop is important and how it works. Saying Thanks with a smile and Welcoming people in our community helps staying in touch.

Chapter 4 shows different ways of reconnecting with people by delivering the content that is interesting and relevant. Engagement pulls people back into the business and leads to repeat sales.

The last part of the book covers how engagement marketing drives new prospects to our doors, Being socially visible and sharing the content with people are signals that pushes the sites higher on keyword searches. Various social media platforms like Facebook ,Twitter ,LinkedIn, Google+ etc are helping the business to grow. The author has shared real life examples for the readers to understand the importance and impact of the engagement marketing.

The various Tricks and Tips like making the customers the Stars of the show, Creating platform specified content ,spreading posts ,email marketing ,overcoming the obstacles are very well explained by the author .The book is a revolutionary contribution by Gail for the small businesses and organisations for building relationships with their customers ,clients and members .The book is really a master piece one must read ,especially marketing people ,students ,and faculties as it has many new and latest inputs to be thought upon to increase the customer base ,customer satisfaction ,customer loyalty and customer engagement in a true sense.

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