Book Review on Dr. Arbind Kumar Choudhary’s NATURE

O Ballader!

Embroider the caper

Of the stellar

For a wonder.

(Quatrain 145)

The respected Editor of that excellent Indian English International literary Journal, Kohinoor, Dr. Arbind Kumar Choudhary , has long been a celebrated luminary within India’s bourgeoning poetry scene, and has subsequently been making manifold contribution of his works to numerous prominent poetry societies and publishing outlets abroad, over the years, having the distinction of his poems being published as far a field as England , Greece , Malta , Mongolia and Cyprus respectively. Within the educational field he has also taken a leading role, with a demanding mantle of responsibility, for he heads the Deptt. of English at a well established college in Majuli (Assam). It hardly remains for me to pertinently observe that A.K.C. has an extensive knowledge of vocabulary , giving prodigious greater depth to his literary output, a circumstance that even had this reviewer reaching for his dictionary on occasions.

This exemplary collection, a virtual treasure chest of some 210 vibrant quatrains, inspired entirely by a poet’s all-embracing love of the Natural world, gives spontaneous mainspring to seasonal change and effects topographical detail, the charm of flora and fauna within his familiar environs, and all many other simple glories:

Spring is the golden fire

Of natural caricature

That is the score

Of the parterre.

(Quatrain 2)

Many of A.K. Choudhary’s poems are couched in characteristically authoritative expression which has delightful didactic appeal, as passion of forethought reaches assurity of positive pronouncement:

The pinion of permutation

Is the ruling passion

For the perdition

Of the aberration.

(Quatrain 77)

Like countless other writers of a particularly romantic disposition, it can clearly be seen that here is a poet who cannotes essential parallels between the colours and alluring fragrance of a beautiful flower and the intoxicating charm of a lady so prominently figured in an affair of the heart :

The savour of the larkspur

Stirs the harbour

Of affaire d’amour

For the raconteur.

(Quatrain 149)

And a keen interest in areas of botanical attraction is patently evident as various species of wild flowers are intermittently represented and named in several of his choicest quatrains :

The privet thicket

Is the bracelet

For the florescent

Of Saint John’s Wort.

(Quatrain 93)

In his lucid PREFACE to this fascinating collection, Dr. Choudhary tells us ‘Every natural object is a manifestations of the spirit, beauty and love’ , and he further states that he derives the greatest pleasure from the music of nature from its beautiful colours and its sweet fragrance :

The melody of the fife

Is the lovely strife

Like the love life

Of the tophy wife.

(Quatrain 52)

Further references to this poet’s comments on the musical aspects of our natural world, far away from the noise and hustle and bustle of city life, is to be found in quatrain no. 131, a spiritually contained poem of profound significance . Again, here we have the didactic pronouncement of poet and teacher :

To metrify the musicology

Of the ecology

Is the doxology

Of the clergy.

(Quatrain 131)

For an entirely dramatic and most effective conclusion to this unique collection of quatrains what could have provided a more fitting finale than this worthy tail – end offering of verse ?

The lightning thunder

Works wonder

For the provender

Of the ballader.

(Quatrain 210)

It is certainly good to observe that the English quatrain is alive and well – and ,in fact , positively thriving, in the informed poetry circles of India’s vast sub-continent. Dr. Choudhary’s collection has been further enhanced by the decidedly empathetic introduction provided by the ubiquitous Austrian poet Dr. Kurt .F. Svatek – I wish the poet /author every success with the promotion of this absorbing literary venture.

Reviewer’s Bio: Bernard M. Jackson, poet and reviewer, is based in England. Bernard has six poetry collections to his credit.

Author’s Bio: Dr. Arbind Kumar Choudhary is a poet. Till date he has published a good number poetry collections including Love, Nature and The Poet and his poems have been included in many anthologies. He is Editor with Kohinoor and Ayush.

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