Blueprint of the Authentic You by Jasrin Singh

Blueprint of the Authentic You

Blueprint of the Authentic You – A roadmap for self-esteem, well-being, and success”. Equally relevant to corporate leaders and spiritual seekers, social media geeks and self-help junkies, this is the manual one can turn to, for an incremental and steady mindset shift.

About the book

In a world that is increasingly demanding of the individual to scale up in personal performance and skill up in professional competence, how does one make choices in alignment with one’s best interests? Despite living in a world with increasing global interconnectedness and technology-enabled outreach, levels of isolation, despair, and despondency are mounting. With weakening familial bonds and a lack of sustaining relationships, many of us are compelled to cope with life-altering situations by ourselves.

How does one find an anchor and navigate this fast-paced world?

How does one identify, access, and live in alignment with one’s true self?

How does one find purpose and meaning amongst all the mayhem?

This book explores the subject at length, examining distinct aspects that make up the individual self, laying out a structure through which each person can discover and strengthen their own unique blueprint

Why should anyone read this book?  

There are ample reasons for everyone to have a good read of this book. Here are a few reasons listed:

Tickle your mind: The book is divided into two phases- Discovering Your Authentic Self and Aligning with Your Authentic Self respectively. The book connects with you like your own life story

Practical approach: Jasrin has put together the guidebook to navigate life, with knowledge, wisdom and pragmatic tools and techniques. She attempted to decipher a step by step way of finding yourself

Reflection points: The book includes wisdom and many questions which will provoke you to think about your life purpose personally or professionally

Fall back: The vast knowledge and the author’s personal & professional experience captured in the book allows you to rely on the book whether you want to discover yourself or stuck in your job/ life. There is a takeaway for everyone.