Bharat Shekhar’s Story The Walk Wins The 2020 Orison Anthology Awards

Pune, July 2020: Bharat Shekhar’s story The Walk published with Contemporary Literary Review India has been selected as one of the best short stories published in 2019 by Orison Anthology, USA.

Contemporary Literary Review India (CLRI) is a leading literary journal in English and publishes the best and new writings from the authors from across the world. CLRI’s main aim is to make the writers known to the world. In this effort, CLRI not only publishes the writings but also nominates its authors to various independent literary prizes and awards conducted by different literary agencies, groups, organizations, anthologies, publishers and literary lovers.

“We promote authors in various ways.” Khurshid Alam, Editor-in-Chief, Contemporary Literary Review India says. “Although we publish the established authors, we aim to bring new voices out with a special focus. We nominate the best pieces published with CLRI to various awards. Typically, we pay even the entry fee for authors and don’t ask the authors to pay the amount. And when any author wins an award, we feel more excited because it gives us satisfaction that we have achieved our goal. That’s what we aim.”

The short story titled The Walk by Bharat Shekhar was published in the Vol 6 No 2: CLRI May 2019 issue of Contemporary Literary Review India (CLRI). This story was nominated by CLRI to The 2020 Orison Anthology Awards, USA. “Orison Books is a non-profit literary press focused on the life of the spirit from a broad and inclusive range of perspectives.” They run a number of literary awards. The Orison Anthology Awards is one of such efforts and accepts the best writing published in the fiction, poetry, and non-fiction genres with different literary journals and publishers from across the world.

As a winner Bharat Shekhar will be awarded a cash prize of $500 and publication of the same story in their annual anthology titled The 2020 Orison Anthology.

A very big congratulation to Bharat Shekhar!

About the author

Bharat Shekhar

Bharat Shekhar lives in New Delhi, India, and started out his career as a researcher and then lecturer in history. Somewhere along the way ‘his tree’ shook and dropped him in the IT field as an Instructional Designer.

His stories and poems have been published in several journals and anthologies including ‘Words, Words, Words’, ‘Inscribed’, ‘Here and Now’, ‘Being Boys’, ‘Pens on Fire’ and Contemporary Literary Review India. His latest release is a collection of short stories for children titled ‘Talking Tales’.

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