Beyond Fear : True Stories On Life In The Indian Armed Forces by Ian Cardozo

About the Book

A story from a third-generation soldier of the 1st Battalion, the 5th Gorkha Rifles (FF) who was killed in combat.
A ghost story narrated to the author by an officer of the Garhwal Rifles while on a visit to Lansdowne.
A gripping account of the air raid on Pakistan’s airfield at Sargodha in 1965 led by Wing Commander O.P. Taneja, VrC.

These are some of the stories featured in Major General Ian Cardozo’s book Beyond Fear, stories that inform the reader that fear is not exceptional. It is common to all human beings. The question is: Do we face fear or run away from it? Through these thirteen stories, he reveals to the reader how military personnel conquer fear. He calls it ‘biting the bullet’.
Through the twists and turns of his stories, he brings out how honour, love, courage, trust, hope, faith and loyalty help the soldier in his quest to conquer fear and that these very qualities can help the reader deal with fear in their everyday lives. These stories also show that real life can sometimes be stranger than fiction.

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