Between Life And Death by Dr Kashyap Patel

Between Life And Death by Dr Dr Kashyap Patel

The Pursuit of Eternity: From Despair to Hope

Dr Dr Kashyap Patel is a renowned oncologist in the US who works with terminally ill cancer patients. Through him, we meet Harry, who, after a life full of adventure, is diagnosed with terminal lung cancer. As he stares death in the face, Harry leans on Dr Patel, an expert in understanding the process of death and dying. His questions and fears are addressed through the stories of many other patients that Dr Patel has treated— from the young and vivacious to those who had already lived full lives, from patients who could barely afford their rent to those who had been wildly successful. What ties these stories together is the single thread of the lessons Harry learns along the way, lessons that ultimately enable him to plan his own exit from the world gracefully—dying without fear.

About the author

DR KASHYAP PATEL is a practising oncologist and has been working directly with cancer patients for the past twenty years. He is the CEO of Carolina Blood and Cancer Care Associates. A certified trainer for physicians with the Education in Palliative and End-of-Life Care programme, he has been a speaker at several Continuing Medical Education events. He is also vice president of the Community Oncology Alliance, medical director at the International Oncology Network and chairman of clinical affairs at the Association of Community Cancer Centers, all in the US.

Dr Patel has led committees in numerous South Carolina hospitals and has extensive research experience in the field of oncology. He has also published and presented several articles in medical journals.

Title: Between Life And Death
Author: Dr Kashyap Patel
Publisher: Ebury Press
Available: Amazon

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