Best-selling Authors Explore the Highs and Lows of Life and the ‘Human Condition’ On World Mental Health Day

Ayesha Chenoy, author of the best-seller, ‘To, The Bravest Person I Know’ explores mental health and the human condition with Milee Ashwarya, publisher at Penguin India, and Gargi Rawat, News Anchor  at the NDTV. The event was held at the Quorum Delhi on the occasion of World Mental Health Day.

Mental health and wellbeing are defined differently by different people. In the true spirit of World Mental Health Day, celebrated authors and entrepreneurs  such as Ayesha Chenoy, Nainika Karan, Tarini Manchanda, who came together to explore the ‘Human Condition’ and the myriad experiences that make our lives worth living. The event was held at Quorum in Gurugram.

Ms. Ayesha Chenoy is the author of the bestselling book, ‘To, The Bravest Person I Know’. The book chronicles life’s struggles and battles, the journey from loss to acceptance, and finding light in the midst of darkness. It explores the entire spectrum of emotions we go through on this journey called Life.

In keeping with the global theme of World Mental Health Day, the panel discussed a number of topics that affect life and mental health with eminent personalities like Gargi Rawat, Anchor, NDTV India, and Milee Ashwarya, Publisher Penguin India.

While talking about the theme Ayesha said, “I think inequality is rampant. As a woman I have always felt that things are unequal between the genders. From being an entrepreneur to a writer- nothing comes easy to a woman. We need to work harder at everything.

Since World Mental Health Day resonates with the core idea of the book, Ms. Ayesha opened up about the idea of writing a book and the life changing events which followed. She said, “The pandemic was overwhelming for everyone and made me write this book. A lot of this book is very personal to me, though a lot of it is also inspired by other people’s lives.

The book has been published by Penguin India. Miliee, spokesperson for Penguin India, was also a part of the panel and shared her thoughts on why she decided to publish this book. She said, “As a publishing house, we don’t publish a lot of poetry but Ayesha’s verses not only impressed us but also created a kind of connection with the book.

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