Penguin Random House is Proud To Present Banaras Talkies by the best-selling, award- winning writer Satya Vyas

One of India’s greatest coming-of-age novels, Banaras Talkies follows a trio of three friends as they navigate undergraduate college life, filled with ups and downs, stealing exam papers, struggling to speak to women, and forging friendships that will last a lifetime over bad mess food. This story is relatable and reminiscent to many people who would love to soak in the nostalgia of their own campus experience through this book.

As a slice-of-life novel, Banaras Talkies captures the struggles, aspirations, and lives of young Indians through the idiomatic flourish that is the hallmark of Banarasi colloquialism from the halls of one of India’s most vibrant colleges, Banaras Hindu University

About Satya Vyas

Satya Vyas was born in Bokaro, Jharkhand. He was told by his family that studying is a good thing. He took this seriously, so seriously in fact, that he studied arts, science, commerce, management, and law. An alumnus of the BHU law school, Satya Vyas is a logistics professional at a Navratna company and has published three bestselling books.

About Himadri Agarwal

Himadri Agarwal is a fourth-year student of Ashoka University, with an interdisciplinary major in English and Creative Writing. Her previous translation, Three Stories by Rashid Jahan, was published by Bee Books, Kolkata, in 2020.

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