Back to Bharat by Nagaraja Prakasam

Advance Praise:

“Naga’s book is a good personal account of one’s journey in striving to build a world of three zeros: net zero carbon emission, zero wealth concentration and zero unemployment.”

—Professor Muhammad Yunus, 2006 Nobel Peace Prize Laureate

Back to Bharat by Nagaraja Prakasam offers sustainable alternatives to the economic dilemma and environmental threats for Indian entrepreneurs and consumers. Lead angel investor, mentor and fund adviser, Nagaraja has three decades of global experience. He serves on the boards of several companies and is consulted by government and not-for-profits as well.

Nagaraja Prakasam
Written in an engaging and anecdotal style, the book addresses farming and agricultural practices and how we can grow for a better tomorrow. He advocates for making farming tigers and mainstreaming the marginalized trees and tribal communities. He identifies different regions in the country and speaks about enterprise in every corner and how we can collectively make healthier choices for happier outcomes.
It is enriched with case studies from Nagaraja’s investment career. It consolidates many observations and insights from the experience he has as a professional, investor and mentor for entrepreneurs across the country. It strongly expresses the belief that India’s strengths are its people, problems, and technology (PPT). As it draws on real-life examples of struggle and success, the book illuminates many questions that are most relevant to our present dilemma, both in terms of economic development as well as environmental threats that compel us to look at more sustainable alternatives to patterns of production and consumption.

Nagaraja Prakasam

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