Ask The Monk by Swami Nityanand Charan Das

Penguin To Publish New Book By Celebrated Practising Monk  Nityanand Charan Das

New Delhi, July 2022: Penguin Random House India announces the acquisition and publication of Ask The Monk by Swami Nityanand Charan Das, a practising monk at the Sri Sri Radha Gopinath Temple, ISKCON Chowpatty, Mumbai. Releasing in September, this book will attempt to decipher our lives and beyond. Penguin also acquired and is publishing his book Icons of Grace: Twenty-one Lives that Defined Indian Spirituality. Both books come under Penguin’s mind-body-spirit imprint, Penguin Ananda.

Ask The Monk is slated to be a definitive book for self-discovery and self-realization. With this book, Swami Nityanand Charan Das makes a humble attempt to answer 70+ quintessential questions one comes across in life that will clear the confusion and remove misconceptions. These crucial questions cover a variety of subjects ranging from rituals, and destiny to karma, afterlife and beyond. In the responses from the revered monk, readers will not just find purposeful advice but also the direction and drive to embark on their quest of self-searching.

 Icons Of Grace was released earlier this year and is a collection of life stories of 21 extraordinary people who served as spiritual guides. From Mirabai and Ramanujacharya to Sant Tukaram and Adi Shankaracharya, this book brings together their teachings and principles, inspiring readers to imbibe these lessons into their daily actions and choices.

 Commenting on his association with Penguin, author Nityanand Charan Das says, ‘I am extremely excited and delighted to sign up with Penguin as my new publisher. They have given the world some of the best books of all time and I feel my books have found a home. They have a long list of admirers and I have always been one of them. Being the leading publishers in the world, I am sure they will help take my books to the next level.’

Gurveen Chadha, Executive Editor, Ebury Publishing & Vintage, Penguin Random House India, says, ‘Nityanand Charan Das is a visionary monk who focuses on making the sacred teachings of holy scriptures simple, so they resonate with anyone and everyone. I’m delighted to welcome him to the Penguin India family.’

Milee Ashwarya, Publisher, Ebury Publishing & Vintage, Penguin Random House India, says, ‘’At Penguin Random House, we have been passionate about publishing and getting the best spiritual masters to write and share their wisdom. I am delighted that Nityanand CharanDas has chosen Penguin Random House India as the home for his books and I hope now many more readers will be able to benefit from his knowlegde and experiences.”

 About the Author

Swami Nityanand Charan Das is a practising monk at the Sri Sri Radha Gopinath Temple, ISKCON Chowpatty, Mumbai, and a visionary who wishes to revolutionise the current urban scenario by aiding people to lead a life of purpose, fulfilment, and satisfaction. He also specialises in guiding today’s youth to reconnect with their roots and lead a simple yet happy life. Coming from an army background, Nityanand Charan Das’s childhood desire was to become an army officer. However, Krishna had other plans for him and orchestrated his life beautifully. Life led him to fail the NDA interview, despite being one of the best in the group; he took up engineering instead, and eventually became a monk when he was just twenty-four years old. His divine radiance can be felt far and wide: his discourses are heard in every major city of India and more than fifty countries across the globe.