Ashdin Doctor an author and habit coach wears multiple features  

Ashdin Doctor

Ashdin Doctor is a versatile entrepreneur, author, Habit Coach™, podcaster, and philanthropist. With a diverse range of experiences and a passion for transforming lives, he has become a leading figure in the field of habit formation and personal development. Ashdin’s journey began with a successful 15-year career at Ormax Consultants Pvt. Ltd., India’s leading qualitative research firm founded by his parents.

The turning point in Ashdin’s life came when he found himself collapsing on the floor, drenched in sweat and unable to move given his hectic personal and professional life and struggles due to ignoring his health. It was at this moment of crisis that he realized the urgent need for change. After trying various workouts and health regimes at a time when little awareness about holistic health and wellness existed and exercising meant only body building, Ashdin managed to lose his pot belly and get a six-pack. People commented on his new avatar and they attributed it to his “motivation”. This was when the germ of his habit coaching business idea was sowed. In his search for solutions, he discovered that relying solely on motivation was a recipe for failure. Determined to make a lasting difference, Ashdin developed an in-depth understanding of sustainable habits, rather than momentary motivation, were the key to long-term success and personal transformation.

Driven by his newfound perspective, Ashdin undertook an informal study of various disciplines, including health, nutrition, fitness, exercise, anatomy, nervous system, habits, motivation, lifestyles, meditation, healing practices, and sleep. Collaborating with thought leaders, doctors, and experts from diverse fields related to health and lifestyle, he gathered a wealth of knowledge and insights. Inspired by his own life-changing experiences, Ashdin began sharing these invaluable lessons with others.

In 2016, Ashdin founded his first fitness and wellness venture called FitterBee, which revolutionized the concept of exercise by infusing fun and playfulness. Recognizing the importance of consistency, Ashdin realized that making activities enjoyable and easily accessible increased people’s willingness to engage in them regularly. His innovative approach attracted individuals who had never previously embraced exercise. However, Ashdin noticed that many participants struggled to translate their newfound energy and enthusiasm into sustainable habits outside of the playground. This realization inspired the birth of his habit coaching business.

Initially starting with one-on-one coaching, Ashdin‘s habit coaching business, Awesome 180, quickly gained momentum. Starting with just 5 clients, the business currently has clients globally across India, the United Kingdom, Germany, Holland, Dubai, and Canada. Today, Awesome 180 has conducted 100+ workshops worldwide, catering to corporate clients such as Google, Bank of America, Red Hat, Herba Life, and organisations like Young Presidents Organisation (YPO), and Entrepreneurs Organisation (EO) to name a few, helping them understand wellness habits, boost productivity, and develop better habits for overall personal evolution. By focusing on six foundational fundamentals—sleep, destressing, movement, nutrition, hydration, and breathing—he guides individuals to develop sustainable habits within 180 days. Each month, the program concentrates on one fundamental for a period of 30 days, allowing participants to gradually adopt and integrate these practices into their lives.

In addition to his coaching endeavors, Ashdin ventured into podcasting with his now supremely popular podcast “The Habit Coach Podcast”, becoming one of the earliest podcasters on the Indian podcast scene. The podcast rapidly gained popularity and acclaim, topping charts in India and earning mentions in Indian media alongside international health and wellness and self-help podcasts like Oprah Winfrey’s Super Soul, The Time Ferris Show and The Tony Robbins Podcast. Ashdin has hosted influential guests across finance, entertainment, corporate, arts and culture fields, who have shared their wisdom and insights, enriching the lives of countless listeners.

Furthermore, he expanded his impact by authoring his first ever book, Change Your Habits Change Your Life published by Harper Collins which was extensively well received. His Second book is a book for children called “The Book of Good Habits For Kids”. This illustrated book features 8 habits in the form of stories.

Ashdin‘s commitment to making a difference extends beyond personal growth. He is actively involved in philanthropy and serves on the board of trustees for the Light of Life Trust. The trust’s primary focus is to break the cycle of generational poverty among children in rural India through education, skill workshops, mindset transformation, and medical support. The foundation has impacted over 200,000 children across various states in India, providing supplementary education, life skills, and vocational training to empower them for a better future. Additionally, the trust supports destitute women by imparting valuable skills, such as sewing and beauty classes, to help them become self-sufficient.

While juggling multiple roles, Ashdin is currently focusing on his spiritual journey while serving as the Director at Ormax Consultants Pvt.Ltd. and Ormax Media Pvt. Ltd., where he contributes to shaping the company’s direction and growth. Ashdin holds an MBA from Welingkar Institute and a degree in Sociology and Anthropology from the prestigious St. Xavier’s College in Mumbai.

With his unwavering commitment to empowering individuals through sustainable habits, Ashdin Doctor has become a prominent figure in the world of habit coaching, inspiring countless individuals to embrace positive change and unlock their full potential.

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