An excerpt from ‘BUDDHA’ by Pranay

‘BUDDHA’ by Pranay

Buddha’s effort is to strengthen your life energy. Strengthening of life energy means strengthening of your inner power. You are touching the centre of yourself, and in so doing you become not only powerful, but you also become relaxed. You also become peaceful. You become aware that you just have to remember who you are within you! Remind yourself that you are beyond body, beyond mind, beyond circumstances. And then you become stronger and stronger. So in this way the monk and the warrior both understand that their inner power cannot be destroyed, come what may.

When a person is grounded in this understanding, automatically his or her actions become imbued with great force of spirit and mind. A person of understanding has a directness of clarity. You can see it and feel it in his vibe. His life becomes a celebration of consciousness.

And people become attracted to such a person. It is a natural process. A human being seems very small, but within us we contain infinities upon infinities of life energy and inner power. That is the whole teaching of the Buddha. That is what he came to represent. And added to that is his view that we are to share this inner power with people through whatever work we undertake creatively, with a feeling of inner radiance. If we can do that, something gets communicated to others. We become emptied of our anxiety and filled with a self-confidence. And leadership is all about having self-confidence.

The Buddha’s vision was very novel and transformative because though he did not affirm the existence of a ‘god’, he says each one of us has a godlike energy of intuitive perception and consciousness, of inner value. So bring this god-like ability into your understanding. Then everything becomes a victory in life, because you have become deeply courageous with the feeling that nothing can defeat you in the inner domain. Motivation and inspiration are all about these kind of feelings. If a person feels like this and pulsates with this feeling, he is also able to transfer it onto his team. And if you can transfer this onto your team, you become a great motivating force in their lives. Essentially, leadership is about becoming a motivating force in the team’s existence. Make the team also believe that it is their inner power which is important. When their sense of working together is combined with all their inner power as a unified whole, then results have to come. And they come in a manner which is innovative, creative. If you place the ‘result’ before the ‘group energy’, you are making a mistake. The group energy is very important. It is the key element for higher achievement, fulfilment, real collaborative and shared success.

You can observe that within every team or group there exists a particular vibe, a particular energy. Some teams simply pulsate with positive energy, and some teams are almost dead in vital energy— devoid of the spiritual and emotional quality of passion. And those teams which are devoid of the quality of passion are hardly creative. What is creativity in a team? It simply implies that people are willing to grow, that people are willing to exist in a manner where they are ready to take quantum jumps into the next level of innovativeness. Nothing scares them. So it’s key to take away fear from the team consciousness, and the way a leader can do it is by reminding them of their inner power. Harness this power, gather this energy, channelize it towards your aim. Essentially, that is what good leadership means. So the leader has to be alert to these virtues, and enhance these. Take away the negatives, and the positive remains. There has to be a feeling of spontaneity and joy in a team. Through that only can the team become an instrument of great achievement. Otherwise the team remains ordinary.



Buddha is inarguably one of the most influential figures in world history. Over 2500 years ago, this extraordinary man founded the path of Buddhism that encompasses all his valuable teachings. Today, Buddhism is practised predominantly in East and Southeast Asia, and is growing its influence in the West and globally. Buddhism and its tenets have been extolled for its virtues by many great leaders. Even though Buddha never saw himself as a leader, never aspired to be a leader, he continues to be a constant source of inspiration and guidance for many world leaders today. This book is filled with many profound, philosophical yet practical teachings of the Buddha, and lessons that can be learnt from them to be an effective, efficient, and excellent leader and to achieve true success in life.

Title: Buddha
Author: Pranay
Publisher: Fingerprint!
Available: Amazon

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About the author

Pranay is a mystic philosopher. He is an expert on Indian and world spirituality.

Pranay’s modules on ‘Advanced Spirituality for Leadership and Success’ (PowerTalks/MysticTalks for public and corporate audiences) have won global acclaim.

Pranay is also a theatre personality and playwright. His original productions such as From Kabir to Kavi and Soul Stir have been acclaimed by world luminaries for their path-breaking spiritual content.

Pranay and his partner Sohini run the socio-cultural philanthropic commune TAS, whose initiatives such as ‘Theatre Against Drugs’ (for addicts), ‘Geetimalya’ (for underprivileged children) and ‘Shohaag’ (for women empowerment) are well-known and have become movements.

Presently, Pranay is collating his discourses on mind-body-spirit themes for various book series.

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