A Friend Like Karna by Madhav Thapar

“Friendship or Love, Power or Loyalty – these are the choices that mankind has struggled with from time immemorial.”

Set in present day Mumbai and Delhi, the rivalry between two corporate houses and the contrasting backdrops of The Glamour World and Indian Mafia, the story follows its main protagonists as they evolve in the pursuit of the destiny. Theirs is a journey of passion, violence and even treachery. Dark secrets tumble out from the past shaping the future and their eventual fate.

The Desais are modern day media barons, The Sahnis Industrialists and Power Brokers. When the conflict erupts between them it’s a winner take all battle. At the centre of the storm is Veer a modern day “Friend like Karna “. Veer must overcome not only his powerful adversaries but the legacy of his birth.

Then there is the Gorgeous Nisha whose substantive presence will catalyze the events that unfold.

This is a thriller, a love story and a document of human drama.

Title:  A Friend Like Karna
Author:  Madhav Thapar
Publisher: Notion Press
Available: Amazon

About the Author

Madhav is a logistics professional and a corporate executive and has over three decades of senior management experience in C level positions, with leading multi-nationals in the field.

He is a seasoned traveller with a keen interest in sports and movies. Madhav is a voracious reader with a passion for writing and is an active blogger on social media. He lives in Mumbai.

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