A Celebratory Edition Featuring the Best of the Bournvita Quiz Contest

A celebratory edition with 1000 questions!

Which Nobel laureate wrote articles under the name Gul Makai?

Hilsa is the national fish of which neighbouring country of India?

In which organ of the human body would you find the aqueous humour?

Which is the oldest national park in India?

With fun Q&As carefully curated from the exhaustive twenty-year-old archives, this definitive book is a treat for all quiz aficionados who can choose from an array of fifty sections including: Art and Culture, Science, Politics, Mythology, and Books and Authors.

The award-winning Bournvita Quiz Contest took the country by storm when it started as a radio programme in 1972 and shifted to television in the 1990s. Since 1994, it was hosted by Derek O’Brien, Asia’s best known quizmaster, in his inimitable style. This much-loved show ruled the airwaves until 2016 and holds the record for being the longest-running knowledge game show on Indian television.

 So are you ready for the ultimate challenge? Pukka pukka?

About the author

Derek O’Brien is an author, television personality, public speaker, politician and quizmaster. Born in Kolkata, he began his career as a journalist for Sportsworld magazine but soon shifted to advertising. After working for a number of very successful years as the creative head of Ogilvy, Derek decided to focus all his energy and talent on his passion-quizzing. Today, Derek is Asia’s best-known quizmaster and the CEO of Derek O’Brien & Associates. He has been the host of the longest-running game show on Indian television, the Bournvita Quiz Contest, for which he was voted Best Anchor of a Game Show at the Indian Television Academy Awards three years in a row. Always innovating, Derek is also credited with having conducted the first quiz on Twitter in 2010.

Derek is a twice-serving member of the Rajya Sabha from West Bengal. He is the parliamentary party leader of the All India Trinamool Congress in the Rajya Sabha as well as the chief national spokesperson of the party. He has spoken at, among others, Harvard, Yale and Columbia universities in the United States as well as several IIMs, IITs and other premier educational institutions in India. He addressed the United Nations General Assembly as a member of the Indian parliamentary delegation in 2012. He has written over sixty bestselling reference, quiz and school textbooks. To know more about the author, visit his website www.derek.in. You can also follow him on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook (@derekobrienmp).

Title: The Bournvita Quiz Contest Collector’s Edition Volume 2
Author: Derek O’Brien
Publisher: Penguin
Available: Amazon

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